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Care and Maintenance

  • Do my Dvine watch require regular checks?

    Dvine watches are designed to provide a lifetime of accurate and reliable service. However, every two or three years, or when you replace the battery, you should visit a Dvine appointed dealer. They will inspect your watch for any worn parts that may need replacement, check whether it needs lubrication, and whether perspiration or water, dust, etc., have penetrated the case. Please contact the nearest Dvine Store.

  • How should I care for my watch case and band?

    Watch bands should be cleaned carefully. If really dirty, use a soft toothbrush with soap and water soaked cotton cloths to wipe away the dirt. If your watch is not water resistant, be careful not to get water on the case. Cases should be wiped gently with a slightly moistened soft cotton or linen cloth and then dried carefully.

    If the strap ever becomes wet with perspiration, wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

    When you take off your watch, leave it in a well-ventilated spot. Never put it in a sealed container when it is still damp with perspiration especially in summers. We also advise you to avoid leaving your watch in direct sunlight. The strap color may fade.

  • What special care should I give on my watch?

    Shocks: Your watch is a precision measuring instrument. Treat it carefully, and it will serve you well. Avoid undue shocks (such as dropping on hard surfaces).

    Perspiration: You should aim to protect your watch from heavy perspiration. Please remember to wipe it dry as soon as conveniently possible.

    Temperature Extremes: Quartz watches are much less affected by extremes of temperature than mechanical watches, and are designed to keep good time if worn on the wrist for eight hours a day with ambient temperatures between -10°C and +40°C.

    If your watch is stored at temperatures outside the normal range (as low as -10°C or as high as +60°C) the electronic components may cease to function normally.

    The response time of liquid crystals used in the displays on digital watches at temperatures below freezing is slow, and they tend to look very dark at high temperatures, but normal performance returns at normal temperatures.

    Battery life can be significantly reduced at high temperatures (above 45°C), and battery fluid may even leak out.

Servicing and Repairs

Do not open or allow any unauthorized person to open the watch, as this could cause damage to the watch and invalidate the conditions of the warranty. For routine servicing or in the event of any malfunction, take your watch to a Dvine Store.

  • Battery Care

    Your Devine watch is fitted with a superior, long-life battery. We are therefore; offer a warranty on the battery valid for one year from the date of retail purchase.

  • My watch battery need to be replaced, where should I contact?

    To avoid damage caused by battery leakage, it is important to replace the battery as soon as possible. We recommend that you contact an Dvine store near you and request that they use only genuine Dvine batteries.

  • My battery strap need to be adjusted, where should I contact?

    The straps of most of the watches can be easily adjusted by yourself, however in case of metal based strap, We advise you to contact a nearest Dvine store to have their watch straps adjusted by a trained person.


    Bands, straps and bracelets are not covered under warranty. Watches need to be sent in to the Dvine Store for band replacement.


  • I need an instruction booklet for my watch?

    The instruction booklet is enclosed inside the product packing from the Dvine Watches. In case you do not find it, ask the retailer to provide one. You can also email us at for the same.

  • How can I know about the warranty on my watch?

    The instruction booklet is enclosed inside the product packing from the Dvine Watches. In case you do not find it, ask the retailer to provide one. The product warranty policy is also available on this website and you can also email us at for the same.