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 Dvine brand launched under the private ownership of M/s Varun Watches Pvt. Ltd., has been present in the market for the last three years and has established a reputation of a healthy upcoming ‘economy fashion category brand’ with its unique designs. Dvine offers a wide range of  value for money affordable Fashion watches at price points which no other brand is offering.

The new brand philosophy of Dvine, encapsulated in the words “MY Watch", touches customers sentiments as well as all other aspects of the brand.

Our product interface spreads over more than 250 unique designs which includes two to three dial color options. On an average we carry a ready stock of 50000 watches to ensure adequate back up of stocks, timely delivery and quick replenishment.

Our product offering is refreshed with new product introductions every 3 months. Thus facilitating multiple ownership. Watches introduced are according to the marker needs and up to the customer perfections


We have a Fashion product with unique range and reasonable selling price.



» All products are specially developed and designed for YOUTH. The watches are produced in Far East and we use same technical specification on parts and/or movements as majority of the fashion brands do today. (Stainless Steel/Brass/Alloy with IPS, Miyota Movement, 1 - 5 ATM).

» It's a challenge to enter new markets today as the markets already are over flooded of watches. Majority of the fashion brands present similar products, designs & offering the same HIGHER price range, the only thing that differentiate the products are the brand names. This is not the case for DʽVINE WATCHES.

» Our design and construction is unique which we refresh after every THREE months according to the need of the market.

» Fashion watches @ reasonable prices.

» Our products are as per the TREND.